My resume outlines my experiences, education, and expertise. 


Welcome to my online portfolio!

 I am a creator, communicator and designer. I love to put passion into my work and pay too close attention to detail. I hope you take the time to look around and learn more about me and my craft.

I'm so excited that you're here!

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My Work

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Here you will find design pieces that I have created for web and print. I would love to help you or your business design a logo, create a website, design print pieces, and more. Check it out!

Here you will find communication and marketing pieces that I have created, like podcasts, photo essays, tweets and more. I can help you or your business create eye catching social media posts and feeds, videos, or podcasts. Check it out!

Here you will find photos that I have taken for fun and for work. If you need some professional photos for your business, I'm your gal! Check it out!

Here you will find research projects, presentations, and journal articles that I have created or worked on with a team. Check it out!

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